What is a Dental Filling?

When a tooth is damaged by decay, a filling can help restore the tooth to its proper function and shape. If you have a tooth that requires a dental filling, we will first remove the decay, clean the affected area and then restore the tooth with tooth-colored filling material. This entire process can be completed in just one simple, comfortable visit to our office; however, if multiple restorations are needed, you may need more than one appointment.

We are pleased to provide tooth-colored composite fillings at Creekwood Dental Arts to ensure that your restoration is both effective and aesthetic. White fillings are made of a material called composite resin. Because this material is available in a range of colors, our dentists are able to match the shade of the resin to your natural tooth color. This means that your filling will blend in beautifully with your smile. Composite resin also forms a strong bond with the tooth structure, resulting in a lasting restoration. Furthermore, composite dental fillings typically require less tooth structure removal than amalgam (silver) fillings, so we can provide a more conservative restoration and preserve more of your natural, healthy tooth. We welcome you to call or visit our office today to learn more about getting a dental filling in Waco, TX and to set up your next visit with Dr. Miller, Dr. Hinds or Dr. Green.

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