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3 Things You Should Ask Your Dentist About Dental Implants

Rebuild Your Smile And Confidence With Dental Implant Reconstruction

Are you missing teeth and missing out on the foods you love to eat? Do the unsightly gaps caused by missing teeth embarrass you and bring down your confidence level? At Creekwood Dental Arts Dr. Donna Miller, Dr. Austin Green and Dr. Michelle Hinds offer dental implant reconstruction. With our expertise, we can rebuild your smile and confidence.

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Consequences of Missing Teeth

Not only is tooth loss unsightly, it may also cause shifting of adjacent teeth and damage to jaw bone structure. When you lose a tooth, the bone where it was once anchored may begin to deteriorate. This deterioration can change the structure of the jaw bone, giving you a shrunken look and adding years to your appearance.

Surrounding teeth begin to shift without the support of the missing teeth. Eventually, the adjacent teeth may loosen and need to be removed. As your teeth are shifting, changes that occur in the way your teeth fit together can lead to TMJ pain. Empty spaces and jaw pain can prevent you from enjoying a well-rounded diet.

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants in Waco, TX

Our dentists have the expertise to offer dental implant reconstruction to patients with missing teeth. Dental implant reconstruction offers more than a pretty smile, it also improves your oral health and whole body health.

Dental implants are a secure, natural looking replacement for teeth that have been lost. Implants help prevent further jaw bone deterioration after tooth loss and provide support for adjacent teeth, as well. By replacing your missing teeth, you can once again enjoy the foods you love.

Dental Implant Options

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Avoid Making Costly Mistakes!

Dental implants are a lifetime investment in your health, function and quality of life. Avoid the common mistakes people make when considering implants by following our recommendations.


Dr. Green

Step-By-Step: The Dental Implant Process

Dental Implants are the ideal tooth restoration for people who are missing one or more teeth. A dental implant is a titanium cylinder surgically positioned into the jaw to replace the root of a tooth.

Dental Implants Procedure

The posts are made of titanium and are placed directly into the jaw bone. As the site heals, the implant and the jaw bone fuse together in a process called osseointegration. This provides a strong base which will support an abutment and a natural looking crown. You can eat and smile without worrying about the implant slipping out of place. Implant restorations are designed to last a lifetime with proper maintenance, which includes brushing, flossing and regular dental cleanings. Replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth today!

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Repair And Maintain Your Dental Implants With Dental Implant Restoration

Once the dental implant has been placed and is stable, Dr. Miller, Dr. Green and Dr. Hinds can add a lifelike tooth. This is usually a dental crown that fits over the top of the implant and restores the appearance and function of your smile. Dental bridges can be used as implant restorations as well, based on your specific needs. Implants may also serve as anchors to secure partial or full dentures.

Dental implants have several benefits that make them a great choice for replacing missing teeth. Implants are a more favorable approach than bridgework since they do not require grinding down the adjacent teeth for support. With proper care dental implants can last a lifetime, and because they replace both the root and crown of the missing tooth, they are exceptionally similar to your natural teeth in how they look and feel.

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Replace your missing teeth with dental implant reconstruction.

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