Published: 06/19/2019

dental implants and denturess waco tx

Dentures are far from a new concept. But with the maturation of dental implant technology, there are so many reasons to rethink dentures and artificial teeth in general. Dental implants can be used to replace a tooth, several teeth or an entire row, or “arch,” of teeth by anchoring dentures to the jawbone just like natural teeth.

Take a look at why dental implants and dentures work so well together, starting with a high-level look at why implants make such a great foundation for dental prosthetics such as bridges, crowns and dentures.

An Overview of How Dental Implants Work
What makes dental implants such as a stable foundation for dental prosthetics, artificial body parts such as dental crowns, is that they are embedded in the jawbone just like natural teeth.

The two primary parts of a dental implant are “the post,” a titanium bolt, and “the abutment,” which sits atop the post and serves as a connector for dental prosthetics. Dental implants come in several variations, including one-, two- and three-piece designs.

It’ll take the better part of a year, roughly six to eight months, for the jawbone and dental implant to fully fuse together. But once successfully integrated, the dental implant is solid enough to be the reliable partner your dentures need in order to feel safe and secure.

Why They Work So Well with Dentures
With dental implants serving as anchors, many of the common complaints about conventional dentures go out of the window. These are some of the biggest advantages of having dental implants support your full or partial dentures:

  • Appearance: They look like real teeth and not just in shape and color. Because they’re highly secured, they won’t shift around your mouth unnaturally.
  • Speech: Because they don’t shift around your mouth unnaturally, your speech will sound more natural. If you’d been living with missing teeth for a while now, you’ll certainly notice significant improvement in your ability to enunciate and be understood.
  • Chewing: Bite and chew confidently. Implant supported dentures offer the stability needed to enjoy your food like no one’s watching you, even when they are.

Take the Next Step

It’s fun to imagine life with a rebuilt smile, restored speech and improved chewing that you’ve regained thanks to dental implants. But don’t spend too much time daydreaming – take the next step!

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