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Virtually Painless Laser Gum Surgery

WaterLase® laser dentistry in Waco, TX is a minimally invasive virtually painless gum disease treatment option. Dr. Donna Miller, Dr. Michelle Hinds and Dr. Austin Green at Creekwood Dental Arts stay on top of the latest in advanced dental and periodontal gum disease treatment. We are committed to providing you with excellent dental care while reducing the possible discomfort of dental treatment. Advancements in laser dentistry allow us to perform many dental procedures without the need for an anesthetic injection.

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WaterLase® iPlus™ Laser

With the WaterLase® iPlus™ laser Dr. Miller, Dr. Hinds and Dr. Green are able to advance through teeth, bone and gum tissue without a drill or scalpel. The WaterLase® iPlus™ is used for a variety of procedures, such as cavity preparation, implant preparation and virtually painless gum surgery. The need for anesthetic during many treatments is reduced with the WaterLase® iPlus™.

WaterLase® MD™

The WaterLase® MD™ reduces the discomfort of many dental procedures, often eliminating the need for anesthetic. That is comforting news to our patients who are anxious about dental treatment because of needles and drills. The efficiency offered by laser dentistry in Waco, TX allows us to treat numerous areas in one appointment, saving you the inconvenience of multiple visits. Our patients tell us they are surprised at how virtually painless gum surgery is with WaterLase® laser dentistry.

WaterLase® Epic™

The WaterLase® Epic™ offers fast, in office tooth whitening. You could notice a dramatic lightening of your teeth in just 20 minutes. The WaterLase® Epic™ has also been cleared for temporary relief of minor pain associated with TMJ disorders.

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