Published: 09/10/2018

Did you know September happens to be known as Better Breakfast Month, and Dr. Donna Miller and Dr. Michelle Hinds of Creekwood Dental Arts want patients to start their days off right with a healthy meal that not only gets them energized for the day but also helps to build stronger teeth.

Start Your Day by Caring for Your Teeth

While many people think that oral health in Waco, TX begins with regular brushing and flossing, you could say that it actually begins with what people eat. Everything you put in your mouth has the potential to impact your dental health. Luckily, there are plenty of foods available that are good for your teeth, and many of these you can eat with breakfast.

  • Plain, sugar-free yogurt is perfect for strengthening your teeth, and the right kind is also loaded with plenty of good bacteria, making it a great choice for your gut too.
  • Berries contain lots of nutrients and other healthy minerals that are great for your overall health. Blueberries and strawberries in particular are great options – and you can use them to top your yogurt for added flavor.
  • If you want more calcium and protein in your diet – which happen to be perfect for building stronger teeth – then almonds are a great option. They make another delicious topping for your morning yogurt as well.
  • For protein, calcium, and other nutrients, add a bit of cheese to your morning breakfast. Cheese actually lowers tooth decay risk, so eat away. You can brush afterward to get rid of any cheese breath.
  • Apples are a particularly good fruit for your teeth because they have plenty of water and fiber and are less sugary than other fruit options.

September is also a great time to schedule a visit to your dentist in Waco, TX. Contact Creekwood Dental Arts at (254) 870-9026 to set up an appointment with Dr. Miller or Dr. Hinds and learn about more breakfast foods that are great for your oral health.

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