Published: 06/13/2019

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For some, it’s the emergence of some odd dental problem that finally prompts them to visit the dentist. For others, it’s simply the weight of time – knowing it’s been way too long since they’ve had a dental checkup. If it’s been a while for you or you just don’t know enough about what to expect, take a look at these common dental services you’ll find at a dentist in Waco, TX and the surrounding area.

Common Procedures
You’ll find that any true “full-service dental office” will offer a full complement of preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services. You’ll also find that a lot of those procedures can’t be neatly filed into one of the three aforementioned categories.

Take a look at these common restorative, preventive and cosmetic dental procedures you’ll find at most any dentist in Waco, TX.

Crowns – Made to be as durable as real teeth and to resist cavities, crowns are fabricated to look and act work like real teeth. They can be placed atop repaired and shaped teeth or atop dental implants.

Dental bridge – This procedure bridges the gap between teeth, using crowns to stand in for the missing tooth or teeth. Dental bridges are anchored to healthy teeth flanking the gap or two dental implants placed around the site of the missing teeth.

Implants – A reliable solution to tooth loss and decay, dental implants may be inserted into the jawbone, like real tooth roots, to provide natural-feeling support for crowns, bridges and dentures.

Gum disease treatment – There are both surgical and non-surgical options for gum disease treatment.

The aim, in general, is to remove unhealthy tissue and promote the growth of healthy gum tissue to ultimately keeps the gum fully supporting the teeth. Once gum disease progresses, it can threaten the tooth root and a root canal may be necessary.

Root canal – This procedure is done to save a tooth’s interior from rot and decay, while saving the patient from a world of nerve pain created by the chip, crack or decay that has exposed tooth root. The dentist will remove infected tissue from the tooth pulp and seal the tooth to protect the nerves inside. 

Teeth cleaning and whitening – Cleanings are done to remove dental calculus, plaque that’s hardened, from your teeth and prevent the spread of gum disease. Once the calculus has been removed and the gums are healthy, your dental hygienist may suggest in-office teeth bleaching or laser whitening to top of your dental experience.

Find Out More

If there’s a problem with your oral health, an experienced dentist will likely have several treatment options available to address whatever it turns out to be.

Find out what services are available from a local dentist in Waco TX. Schedule an appointment for a consultation and get your answers.

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