Published: 12/15/2017

Happy Holidays With Teeth Whitening - Waco, TXThe holidays are nearly here. You know that means getting together with the family and enjoying each others’ company, but it also means family pictures and holiday feasts. If you are anxious about your smile, maybe it is time you took action and got the look you have been dreaming about. Dr. Miller is able to complete a wide range of cosmetic dentist procedures to help transform and restore your teeth. Of course, one of the most common procedures we do at our office is teeth whitening in Waco, TX. This can give you the extra confidence you need to look and feel good and really enjoy the holidays to the fullest this year. Learn more about how Dr. Miller and Dr. Hinds can help.

Professional Vs. At Home Whitening

There are two main options when it comes to whitening your teeth: having it done professionally in our office or doing it in the comfort of your home. Having it done professionally in the office can generally result in a better result as Dr. Miller and D. Hinds can monitor the results, however, the home option will also result in good results if you follow the procedure as described by your dentist. If you choose to have the work completed in our office, we will employ the most advanced whitening technology to create a noticeable difference in about an hour. You can listen to music or watch TV while having the work done. If you choose to do the procedure in your own home it does require more time to complete, usually over several weeks.

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