Published: 09/06/2019

Gum Disease

Do you suffer from bad breath, swollen red gums, pain caused by chewing, or even loose or missing teeth? If you answered yes to any of these symptoms, then you might be suffering from periodontal disease also known as gum disease. This can lead to serious oral compilations later on in your life if you go without treating these issues now.

Why is Gum Disease so Important

Gum disease is mainly caused by an abundance of plaque within your mouth, plaque is formed by built-up bacteria along with mucus and other factors like food debris after a meal. The bacteria can cause an inflammatory reaction towards your gums that spreads throughout the body via your saliva. In response to this type of oral infection, your immune system will start to release substances that are responsible for damaging not only your gums and the ligaments surrounding them, but your alveolar bone as well.

What are My Options to Combat This

Dr. Donna Miller and her amazing team at Creekwood Dental Arts provide different options to correct your periodontal problems and offer other solutions to hinder a return from the disease and other ailments that would negatively affect your gums. Take a look at some of the services that we provide.

WaterLase® Laser Dentistry – The WaterLase®  Iplus™ laser is an advanced piece of dental technology, it is used as a solution to treat gum disease. It is a slightly invasive procedure with some patients stating that it’s virtually painless. This type of gum treatment option allows Dr. Miller to penetrate surfaces such as teeth, bone, and gums through the use of laser energy and water. Yes, this device uses water. The pairing results in the reduced need for anesthetic before the treatment, thus making it ideal in all types of gum disease surgeries.

What Do I Do Now   

If you’re tired of suffering from the pain and annoyance that’s caused by your periodontal problems, contact our office located in Waco, Texas. Our team will set you up for an appointment to speak with Dr. Miller. You can also reach us at 254.870.9026.    

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