Published: 10/10/2019

Treating Gum Disease

Whenever disregarded or overlooked, gum disease can turn into an intense dental condition, and can eventually lead to other major medical issues. Luckily, when treated appropriately, you can reestablish your dental wellbeing. Seeing a highly qualified dental professional like Dr. Donna Miller can offer you different types of corrective treatments. There are three essential alternatives and picking the one that works best for your specific condition is extremely important.

  1. Laser Treatment

If you are dealing with infected gums, minimally invasive laser treatment can wipe out the issue. The damaged tissue is expelled, and the procedure can be directed without cutting into your gums. Contingent upon the severity of your gum deterioration, this treatment might be finished rather quickly. This will usually mean your recuperation time will be equally as fast.

  1. Root Planing and Scaling Teeth

In moderate gum disease cases, a thorough cleaning might be all that is expected to improve your gum wellbeing. Scaling and root planing is like standard preventive cleaning, with the target of wiping out the harming microscopic organisms that can prompt diseased gums. By removing excessive plaque and tartar buildup, we can keep your situation from worsening and begin restoration.

  1. Osseous Surgery

This is typically recommended for patients that are dealing with a more advanced stage of gum disease and is implemented after other treatments have proven ineffective. The procedure consists of removing diseased gum pockets and other areas within your alveolar bone.

Ask About Treatment

On the off chance that you’re experiencing any symptoms and showing any indications of gum disease, you should seek out help as soon as possible. Thanks to the help of Dr. Donna Miller and the rest of the team at Creekwood Dental Arts, you have multiple treatments that you can choose from to eliminate the progression of your illness and restore your gums back to health. Contact our offices in Waco, Texas for more information.

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