Published: 05/13/2019

Youth Flag Football Team - MouthguardsIf your child plays soccer, then it is a great time to let the coach know how much you appreciate everything he or she does for the team. It is also a good time to remind the coach and the players of the importance of dental mouthguards. More specifically, anyone who plays soccer needs to get a custom mouthguard made by their dentist to ensure their teeth do not become damaged.

Most Dental Injuries Occur When Children Do Not Wear Mouthguards

In one study surveying high school athletes, it was found that 75 percent of injuries took place when mouthguards were not present. 9 percent of these athletes sustained an oral injury. These injuries include fractures, avulsions and luxations. It is vital for all athletes to see a dental professional within two hours of the injury for best results. They should not wait until the end of the game.

Mouthguards Protect Orthodontic Equipment

Many teenagers rely on braces to have straighter, healthier teeth later in life. A dental mouthguard is a necessity for teens with braces who play sports. A blow to the mouth could damage the appliance. Additionally, an impact could cause the braces to rub against the lips or inside of the cheeks, resulting in serious cuts and scrapes. A mouthguard serves as a barrier between the two and should be worn in lieu of the teen’s usual retainer.

Call Us To Get One Custom-Made

For best results, young athletes need a custom mouthguard that fits over their teeth perfectly. There are many pre-made mouthguards available, but these can be uncomfortable and exacerbate the problem at hand. Call Dr. Donna G. Miller, Dr. Michelle Hinds, or Dr. Austin Green at Creekwood Dental Arts for an evaluation. We will make sure your teen plays soccer more safely.

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