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"I Came In With a Dental Emergency and Got In Right Away."

Hi, my name is Kevin. The procedure that I had done here at Creekwood Dental Arts was veneers and crowns. I came in to Creekwood Dental Arts because of a dental emergency. I actually lost a front tooth, one of the prominent front two teeth. I mean, it just fell out. I was really pleased that Dr. Green got me in very quickly. That within an hour of calling here, he was able to repair that tooth. But that really got me thinking about a dental plan that would really correct the smile that I had. I had severe asthma that the medicine that they gave me for that cause discoloration of my teeth. I also had some chip teeth and basically, it was a problem that I’d had all my life.

It was painful, it was traumatic. And I was lucky enough to have my friends there. And so, we went to the hotel nearby and they called the ambulance and called the police.

Dr. Green:

When Kevin came to our office, he presented with a tooth that was broken off at the gum line, which was his main concern was replacing that tooth. But he had some staining from his childhood on his teeth and never had been satisfied with the color of his teeth, so we went ahead and did a full mouth reconstruction.


I’d been honestly avoiding the dentist. I was ashamed of the smile that I had. But once I got in here, I felt like he was kind of an advocate for me and he was on side. Dr. Green was very encouraging about we’re going to get there and you’re going to be really pleased with the final result. I’m so glad that I’ve gone through this process now and it’ll be something that I never had to worry about again for the rest of my life.

Dr. Green:

As a dentist looking at Kevin’s case, it’s one of those that really makes you excited to come to work because he had these stained teeth that he had never been satisfied with. And when we were done, he didn’t think he could get a smile like that. And so I was excited to see him smile and see that he really got the smile that he had always dreamed of.


It’s been a real blessing just to be able to no longer be ashamed to open your mouth to smile. It was that bad, and I was that self-conscious about it, but I get compliments all the time now. My family, they’re just amazed at how natural it looks and how different I look. And I’m able to be a lot more confident in social settings and smile and just having a smile now that I’m not ashamed of. It’s just a life-changing event for me.

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