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Welcome to Creekwood Dental Arts in Waco, TX! At Creekwood Dental Arts it’s not just about teeth; it’s all about the patients and their health. Our dentists Assess the patient’s needs, and develop a customized plan for everyone. Oral health is an intricate part of our overall health. Research has found that periodontal disease is linked to many medical conditions. We are also aware of the impact of sleep apnea on overall health and chronic pain. By recognizing the signs we can help protect our patients from future health issues. We offer our patients the guidance and care necessary to develop good oral hygiene, which will contribute to their overall health and well-being. When teeth and gums are cared for, the quality of life improves. It’s how we know we’re providing life-changing dentistry.

Dr. Miller and Dr. Hinds, dentists in Waco, TX set a high standard for their dental practice. They continually update their dental care with the newest and most innovative treatments, techniques and technology. Our office provides Sleep apnea treatment for those who suffer from sleep deprivation. We provide root canal treatment and TMJ treatment for those who grind their teeth. Our dentists have an extensive services that cover all of their patient’s needs and wants. They understand that behind each smile they treat is a person with a unique set of goals, needs and concerns. We strive to provide personalized dental care to meet these needs. Our dentists proudly offered high quality dentistry to the nearby areas including Woodway, Hewitt, Robinson and McGregor, TX for many years.

Is it time to improve your life with exceptional dental care? Our dentists invite you to call the office today to schedule an appointment. A healthy, beautiful smile awaits!

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